Karam Kriya School  is the school I trained with and am training with to become a teacher trainer. Lead by Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur, Teacher Trainers who train teachers internationally.

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association is the association for teachers in the UK, and offers an excellent class finder to help you find a class close to your home or work.

3HO is the “Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation”, founded by Yogi Bhajan, to share the teachings. Here you’ll find courses on offer in North America.

Guru Ram Das Project is a charity that holds community events in London (all night kirtans, special sadhanas, monthly workshops called ‘One for the Heart’) and through its fund raising brings yoga to groups that would not otherwise have access (drug rehabilitation centres, prisons, care of the elderly, women’s shelters, mental health units). It is worth getting on their mailing list and donating to this worthwhile cause!

OM Yoga Pages is another site with class listings and ‘yoga classifieds’; you will also find information here about the yearly OM Yoga Show in London – a great showcase for Kundalini yoga and in fact, all things yoga related.

Yoga Hub offers more class listings for local yoga classes.


Find us on Yoga Hub | Kundalini Yoga Blackheath

Books & Music

Satnam Versand is the European distributor for books and music, and other yogic lifestyle products.

Spirit Voyage is the American distributor for books and music, and offers single track and whole album downloads on some music. It also has a very useful “mantra-pedia”, with explanations of the meanings of the mantra along with recordings to help guide your pronunciation.


Great British Yoga Festival

European Yoga Festival

White Tantric Yoga