‘Kirtan’ is devotional singing and usually is about creating one communal voice from many. The idea is not to sing perfectly, but to add your own vibration and your own prana (life force) to the sound. In Sikh Dharma, it is understood that the sound current itself is the teacher, which can cut through illusion of time and space, and bring us back to the real reality – this is known as shabd guru. The vibration of shabd guru can awaken your spiritual DNA. Many these days are feeling called to find deeper meaning, to find a real sense of community – and one of the ways that humans have done this through the ages is to sing together. It is a means of finding peace, of finding upliftment, of connecting to the state of the ever-rising spirit – cherdi kalaa.

Yogi Bhajan taught many mantras (short sound combinations or phrases, that are repeated, and are used to still the waves of the mind) – some in English, and many taken from Sikh sacred texts. Mantra works on us on many levels – physical and energetic. Whether you listen or chant along, these sound combinations can give you an experience that goes beyond the mind, that brings you to the Infinite in you.


Path of Love is my first album, and has been a long time coming. It has felt like the perfect timing – I have met the right people and had such support along the way. I’ve included a bit of the story behind the tracks on the album, and also some meditations to practice with them, so please read further if you feel inspired.

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Her gentle and striking voice has fascinated me for years now and I am very grateful to have had many moments of singing together with Satwant. Each time I am touched deep in my heart and moved to a deeper place within me.
Devinder Kaur