Karam Kriya is applied numerology: the study of life through numbers and numbers through life. Pythagorus famously said: if you don’t know numbers, you don’t know anything; if you only know numbers, you don’t know anything. My Teacher, Shiv Charan Singh, spent many years studying both the inherent meaning and language of numbers, and how this can be heard through conversation. It can then be used to help untwist the knots we can unwittingly create in our minds and our own lives – to create a Healing Conversation. When he described his study to Yogi Bhajan, he was told: this is Karam Kriya. If you understand the language of numbers, you can apply it to any and all situations in life.

I have been studying Karam Kriya with Shiv Charan Singh for over ten years, and more recently have begun offering workshops and one to one consultations. If you would like to know more, or are interested in a consultation, please contact me.

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