My yoga practice started with my mom and sister, in our living room, when I was a kid. My mom taught us hatha yoga that she had learned from a book, and I remember being particularly fond of lion breath (because you stick out your tongue). I grew up and completely forgot about this early introduction, until I met up with hatha yoga again in university.

When I moved to Vancouver, I intended to carry on with classes, but was overwhelmed by the variety of choices and styles of yoga that I had never heard of before. Then, at a difficult and stressful time towards the end of my studies, I “saw” for the first time a yoga studio that was within 2 blocks from my apartment. I signed up for a beginners’ class…and felt like I’d come home. I loved the yoga because it left me feeling good; and after years of developing and training my mind at university, here was suddenly a holistic teaching reminding me to listen to my body and breath as well, and that “I” am not my mind.

I’ve been practising Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan for over 17 years – completing Level 1 Teacher Training in Vancouver in 2001, and Level 2 in London, UK in 2010. I am now a Teacher Trainer with Karam Kriya School in London, and spend much of my time participating in Trainings around Europe, so that these priceless teachings can continue to be shared at a wider level. I trained in pregnancy yoga, and have a particular interest in the use of sound and mantra for healing.

Yogi Bhajan taught that happiness is the birthright of every human being; and he gave us these teachings to take care of the body, balance the mind, and elevate the spirit, so that we can live in a state of upliftment, and so that we can serve others to be happy, healthy and holy.

Satwant Kaur has a purity of soul which resonates through her voice when she sings. Utterly enchanting.

Satwant is the Joni Mitchell of Bhajans!

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